How to recycle a shower cap

When I go to my local Dollar Store I often wonder why they bother to sell shower caps. I mean who uses them, right? So I came home, and started researching shower caps. I am now swallowing every negative thought I had about this nifty piece of plastic genius. I also bought a box of 20 from Dollar Tree which had a mix of different sizes.

There are many uses for the Shower Cap! Here are 21 uses.

  • Cook books are probably still used, but I’m guessing most folks use their electronic tablets in the kitchen. Avoid splatters on the screen, and cover it with a shower cap.
  • The gold fish bowl needs cleaning, and you need to put the orange fellows in a container until you’re done cleaning their home. Use a shower cap.
  • When I buy flowers from the market they drip everywhere, but if you have a shower cap in your purse you can quickly wrap it over the stems to catch the drip and hydrate the stems until you get home to a vase.
  • When traveling you don’t want to dirty your clothes with messy shoes, so cap them. That way they don’t touch anything in your luggage.
Shower cap your shoes

I like to store some of my shoes this way even when not travelling. In this case the cap is holding the bow in place. Some of my flats have warped bows because they got squashed in the cupboard.

  • I often find I have Tupperware with no lids. They have either cracked, or got lost, but you can put a shower cap on the container before placing it in the refrigerator. Your problem is solved, and the lid is replaced!
  • If you are cycling in the rain, and stop off for a breather, put a shower cap over the bicycle seat to keep it dry.
  • Put a shower cap over your broom to keep the dust on the broom. Those dust bunnies are trapped, and won’t dirty your broom closet.
  • When watering hanging plants, or even plants in a dish, put a shower cap under it to avoid dripping on the floor, or leaking on the table.
  • You might want to throw some extra caps in your travel bag, and use them to keep dirty laundry separate.
  • If you have a half eaten cantaloupe, or other melon, place a shower cap over the open end to keep it from drying out in the refrigerator.
  • Use them as picnic bowls, and avoid lugging a bunch of plastic bowls with you.
Shower cap snacks

I put a few snacks in a mini cap (found at Dollar Tree) and put it next to my key board. It holds on to the crumbs, and keeps me in cinnamon cookie heaven.

  • While  you are at the picnic, you may want to keep something chilled. Place a few ice blocks in a shower cap, and place the item to be cooled in the cap. The shower cap is now acting as a cooler. Great for fruit salad or a punch etc.
  • Cut a hole in the center of the shower cap, and slip it over a hanger to protect the shoulders of silk shirt,or other valuable clothing from dust.
  • Stash a few shower caps at the front door. You can put them over your shoes if you have to rush indoors, and there is no time to remove your shoes. Great for rainy or snow days.
  • Use them to cover your camcorder, or camera lenses, when you travel near waterfalls, or walk in the rain.
  • If you plant little seedlings in colder weather you can secure a shower cap over the top of the flower pot to create a greenhouse effect, and give the little guys a chance to grow stronger
  • When painting, put one shower cap on your head, and one over your hand to avoid paint splatters.
  • You can scrunch it up, and use it to paint a crackled textured look on a wall.
  • On a rainy day use the shower caps to make paratroopers. Gently sew thread into the plastic and secure a little action figure and the kids will love you.
  • If you take your dog for a walk you will need to pick up after him. Most pet owners will walk prepared, but just in case you ran out of poop bags without realizing it, a shower cap in your purse will be a lifesaver.
  • I don’t own a piping/pastry/frosting bag, but I don’t have to because I have a stash of shower caps. Snip a hole in the center and pipe away. You could strengthen the plastic a bit with some tape and then pierce the hole through the tape and plastic.

There are probably a hundred more ideas for The Cap. These are just a few but all are worth trying out.


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